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Gritty, stunning underground rock photographer Jim Leatherman finally gets a gallery exhibit

Pearl Jam Mosh Pit It’s not some random happenstance, either, Leatherman’s work – that precisely captures the action, spirit and character of the band, and not just the pretty faces – has been featured by many bands over the past 30 years to help convey their music, and one of his photos of Archers of Loaf even made it to the cover of the 2013 music history tome, Late Century Dream: Movements in the U.S. Indie Music Underground. Of another uncredited photo of his that Leatherman found in Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Keidis’ 2004 autobiography, Scar Tissue, Leatherman says:

“I shot some really cool live shots at a club in Atlanta (back when Hillel was alive and nobody had any tattoos yet) and about three years later, I got to meet Anthony when they played Visage in Orlando – I gave him a stack of pictures from that Atlanta show, and he was so cool. When I gave them to him, he grabbed me by my shoulders and said, ‘You come here, I need to talk to you!’ At first, I was kind of scared when he motioned me to follow him. He sat me down next to him and looked through the stack of pics and started crying a little and said ‘Thank you,’ and gave me a hug, ‘You really captured a great moment in time and my friend, who I miss so much.’ I was pretty moved by that. Years later, I see one of those photos in his biography … pretty awesome.”

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